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Client Testimonials

"We used Paul to help us organise a wedding in Ronda for my English daughter and Scottish son-in-law. It was a very tricky matter, because it is not normal for foreigners to marry in the town. Nevertheless, we persevered and Paul did all the interpreting, talking to officials and making phone calls on our behalf. Needless to say, the wedding went perfectly, with a large part of the thanks going to Paul."
Mary Jackson, Colwyn Bay, Wales, May 2006

A1 HomeFinders: Frequently Asked Questions

How does the A1 HomeFinders service work?

altIf you are looking for something in our area, please contact us, either by email or ‘phone, to let us know what you are looking for. We will then offer you a list of possibilities that match your criteria. If you are interested in any, we will put you in touch with the vendors or their agents.


How much is your fee?

We do not charge you a fee for finding your property or plot. We will earn a commission from the vendor if you make a purchase. If you require other services, such as translation, interpreting, airport transfers, accommodation, we will be happy to give you a competitive quote.

Do you offer other services?

Yes, please see answer above.

What languages can you offer?

altWe speak English, Spanish, German and French. If you require other languages, we can almost certainly find someone!


What is a corredor?

altThe word literally means “runner”. This is a local person who acts as an unofficial estate agent. He or she knows of properties or plots of land that are being sold privately without an estate agent and which are not advertised on the open market. They have the keys and can show you around.


Why do vendors use a corredor?

Many Spanish people refuse to use estate agents because their fees are so high, typically six per cent of the sale price. A corredor may only charge one or one and a half per cent.