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Client Testimonials

"We have had a fantastic time here in Ronda.  It is the most beautiful place we have visited.  Our stay has been even more enjoyable due to this lovely apartment, Piso Blanco, which is extremely comfortable and has everything you would need and more.  Thank you for the information you have provided and the amenities.  It’s brilliant!" 
Lisa and Ashley Grostate
Bath, Somerset

A1 SpanishLife: Life in Spain

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Life in Spain

Day to day living, residence, empadronamiento, utilities problems, personal musings



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Information and guidance

 Reporting a theft

Bureaucracy in Spain

Electricity problems? Read on

Geography of Spain

Getting towed is costly

Spain for bailout?

Spanish Police

Struggling financially? Grants available

Changing the Day?  Is the siesta done for?

Complaining about your electricity bill

Getting on the padrón  British Embassy advice

I don’t believe it!

Insurance spat

Light up?

Naming and shaming!


Not on the padrón?  Why not?  Getting on the town hall register

Phone in!

Retiring abroad? Things to think about

Spätzle auf Spanisch!

Tobacco no, cannabis sí!

UK pensions to rise? Big increase in state pension announced by UK government

Understanding your Spanish electricity bill

Voting Rights - UK or Spain?

What to do if someone dies

Der ePass

Der neue Personalausweis

Personalausweis für im Ausland lebende Deutsche


Press and Weblogs

All good things come in threes!

April Fool!

Adiós to Mañana!  Spanish efficiency

A day like any other

A day at the fair

Bus passes and winter fuel allowances

Battle of Gibraltar

Chocolate Moose  Local building issues

Compulsory leave!  Ash cloud chaos

Champagne, chips and chatter

Changing Places

Culture Shock!  Prostitution on the coast

Culture Shock 2  English breakfast

Diary of a paper boy

Flood-y Hell!

Getting married

Jamie does Ronda!  Jamie Oliver films in the Ronda area

"Just like brothers!"  Spanish-German twin town agreement

Living within Tent  Sunday Times

Loving living in Andalucia

Last Sunday of the month

Log blog!

Malaga airport  Terminal 3 open

Reverse migration  German emigrates to Spain

New Year’s Eve

One thing leads to another ...  Picnic in Tenerife

One thing leads to another ... 2  Wedding in Tenerife

Post haste – you must be joking!  Problems with Correos and Royal Mail

Painting the town white...

Pig s**t!  What's that smell?

The House that Paco Built!  Shoddy building

RIP O’Flagherty’s  Ronda's Irish Pub closes

Stormy weather?  Flash floods in 1949

Stranded on a desert island  Mallorca

Sunday Drivers

The short arm of the law!

The rain in Spain falls mainly on...Granada  Chris Stewart writes in the Guardian

Three Jamies in one day

Voluntary Work in Spain!

Wedding in Ronda 2006

What do you do all day?

Wir sprechen Deutsch - English version

What a coincidence!

Working for free? Why? Er… why not?

What have we done?

What does £140 a week really mean?  Patrick Collinson of the Guardian on proposed pension increase

Carta al director  Fumar

Carta al Director 2  Navidad

Migración al revés

Wir sprechen Deutsch - versión en español

Generation Ni-Ni  Arbeitslosigkeit in Spanien

„Wir fühlen uns als Brüder!“  Partnerschaftsurkunde versiegelt

Paco hat ein Haus gebaut...  Schlechte Bautechnik

Wir sprechen Deutsch - deutsche Version

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Thought for the Day ...

Orina con gusto, orina contento...pero sí te pido ¡que orines por dentro!
(Sign seen in restaurant toilet in Tenerife circa 1991)