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“Paul tradujo nuestra carta al inglés, al alemán y al francés en dos ocasiones este año. Estamos muy contentos de su trabajo. Tuvimos problemas con la imprenta y Paul los resolvió por su propia cuenta.”
Manuel Arias, propietario, Bar Restaurante Almocábar, Ronda, septiembre de 2.009

A1 SpanishLife: Dealing with death

Information, guidance and articles of interest from the press and the web


Dealing with death

Guidance on what to do, who to contact, funerals, repatriation


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Inheritance Tax scrapped

What to do when someone dies

In Memoriam - William La Pêche

Sudden death

Locals come up trumps after death of British man

Two weddings and a funeral ...


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"Some religions have a pay-as-you-go forgiveness system based on the premise that you sin, you confess, then you’re forgiven. Others have a contract where you’re forgiven in advance, so how much you sin is up to you. Retro-style religions have a hellfire and damnation system where you sin and burn in hell for ever. Understandably, this tariff gets fewer subscribers." Guy Browning, The Guardian, 8 October 2005