Booking an ITV appointment

Booking an ITV appointment

By Valerie Mitchell



Those of you who live in Spain and have a car more than a few years old, will know that the car has to have its ITV, the equivalent of the MOT.  This happens once every two years for newer cars and every year for older cars. Of course, you can pay a mechanic or a garage to take your car for you but why not be brave and do it yourself.   It'll be good practise for your alphabet, days and numbers just making the appointment. You can make the appointment either on-line or by phone.  Personally, I think the easiest is by phone.  You ring 902 57 57 57 and ask for an appointment - Una cita. Me hace falta una cita para la ITV -  I need an appoinment for the MOT (ITV is pronounced  EE TEY OOVEY)

You will be asked for your car's registration number so have this ready and rehearsed. Then you will be given a day and time.  To make sure you can deal with these here is a small recap. which may be useful.


2:00  Las dos                                     
2:05  Las dos y cinco 
2:10  Las dos y diez
2:15  Las dos y cuarto
2:20  Las dos y veinte
2:25  Las dos y veinticinco
2:30  Las dos y media
2:35  Las tres menos veinticinco
2:40  Las tres menos veinte
2:45  Las tres menos cuarto

2:50  Las tres menos diez


A - Ah                        
B - Beh
C - Thay       
D - Deh
E - Eh
F - Effay
G - Hey
H - Ah-chay
I - Ee
J - Hota
K - Ka
L - Ellay
M - Emmay
N - Ennay
O - Oh
P - Pey
Q - Koo
R - Erray
S - Essay
T - Tey
U - Oo
V - Oobay
W - Oobay doblay
X - Ekis
Y - Ee Griayga     
Z - Theta

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Thought for the Day ...

"Si bebes para olvidar,¡paga antes de empezar!"  Notice in Spanish bar.