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"We used Paul to help us organise a wedding in Ronda for my English daughter and Scottish son-in-law. It was a very tricky matter, because it is not normal for foreigners to marry in the town. Nevertheless, we persevered and Paul did all the interpreting, talking to officials and making phone calls on our behalf. Needless to say, the wedding went perfectly, with a large part of the thanks going to Paul."
Mary Jackson, Colwyn Bay, Wales, May 2006

Over-zealous cops? PDF
Wednesday, 11 January 2012 15:00

Ronda police are behaving in an over-zealous manner when it comes to levying fines for parking and traffic offences. So it has been alleged.

Free culture PDF
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 14:00

Free cultural activities in Ronda for the rest of January

Ronda Council's Culture Department sponsors a programme of free activities throughout the year, eg concerts, films, exhibitions, etc. Read on for what’s coming up in January:

Launch of new website PDF
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 06:00

I thought I was fairly technophobic! Don’t get me wrong – I like new technology, as long as it helps me do things quicker and better! However, I do tend to come to it late. For example, I didn’t switch to CDs from cassettes until 1995. I didn’t get a mobile until 1998, and even now I only use the one I have for phone calls and the odd text message. I’ve been using various types of computer since the late 80s and I am familiar with the software which is useful to me, eg wordprocessing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, Powerpoint, email, googling and websurfing. But do I understand it? Not a chance! Nor do I want to – I just want it to work.

Your role model for 2012 PDF
Monday, 09 January 2012 22:00

Who is your role model for 2012?

This is fun.  I promise you WILL be surprised when you discover the identity of your role model.

NO CHEATING!  I was really surprised to find out the name of my role model.

To find the identity of your personal role model, do the mathematics below .....

Piso Blanco 2012 PDF
Sunday, 08 January 2012 00:00

Piso Blanco, Ronda

Whether you're looking for a long or short winter break from the dull weather of northern Europe or are planning ahead for the summer or autumn of 2012, please take a look at Piso Blanco in the stunning mountain town of Ronda, Andalucía.

We have reduced our prices a little for 2012, so now is your chance to pick up a good deal! We even have a special offer for early bookers - please see below.

Poem for Reyes Magos PDF
Friday, 06 January 2012 20:00

En este día de Reyes Magos,
como siempre, y .......
Como tú
Yo como tú

amo el amor,
la vida,

el dulce encanto de las cosas

el paisaje celeste de los días de enero.

También mi sangre bulle

y río por los ojos
que han conocido el brote de las lágrimas.

Creo que el mundo es bello,

que la poesía es como el pan,

de todos.

Y que mis venas no terminan en mí,

sino en la sangre unánime

de los que luchan por la vida,

el amor,

las cosas,

el paisaje
y el pan,

la poesía de todos.
...... plagio, como cartero,
pero de ardiente paciencia...
¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

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