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"A fantastic holiday in Piso Blanco – the Barrio San Francisco, balcony and pool heightened our enjoyment of Ronda.  Was happiest watching the sunset from this balcony over the mountains."
Jamie Pearson
Brussels, Belgium

Free Labour ...! PDF
Thursday, 18 February 2010 07:00


No charge for labour at the garage?  Blimey!


When the car needed new hydraulic struts for the boot lid this week, not only were the parts delivered within 24 hours, they were fitted free of charge!  No big deal, you might think, it’s only five minutes’ work .... well, that’s what the garage man thought.  It took nearly an hour!  They had to remove the back seat completely to get at the fixings.

-    ¿Cuánto es?
-    Nada, hombre, nada.
-    ¿Seguro?
-    Claro.
-    Bueno, pues, muchísimas gracias.



Paul Whitelock

Paul is a Joint Honours graduate in Spanish and German, a qualified teacher (PGCE) and has a Member of the Institute of Linguists (MIL) qualification.

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