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"A welcome haven for us weary travellers.  A place to charge the batteries and enjoy the beauty of Ronda.  The apartment is a home away from home.  Your books, CDs and DVDs were very welcome!  This area to us is the real Spain."
Tricia & Eric Baker
Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Wedding in Ronda 2006 PDF
Saturday, 17 July 2010 00:00

When my then girlfriend’s daughter and boyfriend visited us in Ronda for the first time in 2005, we weren’t at all surprised that they fell in love with the place.  When they announced their engagement and that they’d like to get married in the Ciudad del Tajo, however, that was a different matter!

No, why not, the place is stunningly beautiful. 

We quite fancy the Palacio de Mondragón, they announced.

OK, is there a more beautiful spot for a wedding in this queen of the pueblos blancos?

Probably not.

So for the best part of the next 12 months we set about trying to organise a wedding between a Welsh girl and a Scotsman, who were non-resident in Spain.

Well, when we asked if such a scenario would be possible the answers ranged from no to don’t know to yes.  We were sent from pillar to post, but eventually we established that it could be done, subject to the necessary paperwork being in order. 

Girlfriend’s local Spanish lawyer pulled a few strings and organised that side of things while we set about trying to book the Palacio de Mondragón, hotel rooms in the Parador, flowers, a horse-drawn carriage, photographer,  a classical Spanish guitarist, the wedding meal and, oh, someone to perform the ceremony. A local councillor, Daniel Harillo, took up that challenge and got his fiancée to do a lot of the local organising.

With two weeks to go, we thought everything was in place for the May 2006 wedding, when we discovered that there were no chairs in the Palacio!  Hermanos Rojas furniture store to the rescue – we hired a set of folding chairs which would be delivered on the morning of the ceremony.

As we chewed our nails on the day, where were the chairs? On the way! Where were the flowers? On the way! Where’s the guitarist? On the way! Where are the bridesmaids?  The taxi had taken them to another wedding by mistake!.

The nervous bride arrived in style in a horsedrawn carriage with her dad, while the groom and his groomsmen, all Scots, walked  to the venue from the Parador across the Puente Nuevo into the old part in their kilts.  The funniest part was when a group of Japanese tourists thought our Scots friends were locals dressed in regional costume and insisted on taking photos to show their relatives back home!

In the end the day went off without a hitch and a beautiful ceremony was held in one of the patios at the palace, followed by a meal in one of the top restaurants in town, Casa Santa Pola.

Was it worth all the hassle?  Of course it was.  Although the wedding took place four years ago, everyone still has happy memories of a special day.  A picture of the bride and groom, resplendent in his kilt, still graces the photographers shop on Calle Espinel in Ronda.

© Paul Whitelock 


Paul Whitelock

Paul is a Joint Honours graduate in Spanish and German, a qualified teacher (PGCE) and has a Member of the Institute of Linguists (MIL) qualification.

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