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Cheap parking at Jerez airport PDF
Tuesday, 05 October 2010 00:00

If you’re flying out of Jerez airport and need to leave your car there, here’s a great way to save 53€!

Don’t park in the terminal car park, where they’ll take 68€ off you for a week.  Instead, park at the Venta La Parra, a bar on your left hand side as you approach the airport. A week there costs just 15€.

Best to drop your travelling companions and luggage at the terminal, drive back to the bar, less than 1 kilometre, park, pay and walk back to the terminal, about eight minutes, by which time you will be all checked in and ready to go through security.

Do you know?...

Anybody know of a similar cheap place to park at or near Seville airport?  Please add a comment if you have a good tip.

The cheapest we’ve found is 5€ per day at the Hotel Las 3 Carabelas, 1 kilometre away.  There is a catch, though, to get to the airport you need to take a taxi – which costs an outrageous 23€ plus service charge of 7.85€!

©  Paul Whitelock

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