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“Paul did an excellent piece of work in translating my business’s website into German. The service was good value, had a speedy turnaround and at all times Paul’s translation was thoughtful and intelligent, suggesting improvements not only to the German version but also to the original English. Many thanks! I would definitely recommend Paul / A1 Language Services for any translation work.”
Catherine Potter, Joint Proprietor, Bambú Holiday Resort, Benamocarra (Málaga), December 2009

Election fever! PDF
Thursday, 04 November 2010 00:00

A letter from the Ayuntamiento appeared in my buzón last week – I was being asked if I wished to exercise my right to vote in the  next local elections in the village.

You bet! I filled the form in and posted it off straightaway.

As a resident, and so long as you are empadronado, or on the padrón (on the local register), you have the right to vote in local council and European Parliament elections. Regrettably, however, you do not have the vote in elections for Las Cortes, the Spanish parliament.

I think it’s quite right that we should have a say in what goes on locally and in the European Union, but why not nationally? But I’ve already thumped my tub on this in other forums, and no imminent change is likely.

So, I’ll just look forward to voting for a new alcalde and new council in the coming spring.

©  Paul Whitelock


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