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Saturday, 27 November 2010 14:20

New blogs about southern Spain

A local paper has recently introduced a blogs section to its popular website. The Olive Press, probably the best English-language paper in southern Spain, has invited a number of foreign residents to become official bloggers on its website - - by writing about different aspects of living in Spain.

There are currently eight of us – yes, I’m proud to be one – ranging from Hannah, an American lady who moved to Cabra (Córdoba) less than two months ago, and her blog Hannah's España, to John Woodhead, who has been living and playing golf on the Almería coast since 2004, and his Almería Almanac.

Annie B writes about food and drink in Annie B's Kitchen, while Carolyn Emmett relates her adventures while house buying, renovating and building in the village of Montejaque in the Serranía de Ronda, in Calliope's Musings.

Caitlyn Slivinski, another American, and new arrival in Sevilla, writes about her early experiences of living in Spain  in her blog The Half Of It, while from the Costa del Sol, Charlotte Hanson, a resident of eight years, sends her regular Costa Communiqué.

The Yank in Jerez, Troy Shaheen, is a self-confessed hispanophile currently on a one-year teaching contract in Jerez de la Frontera.  That just leaves little old me, a Spain-lover for the last 40 years, who has finally fulfilled his dream of living here in the mountains near Ronda, with my View from the Mountains.

According to Olive Press proprietor and editor Jon Clarke: “The Olive Press website has gone from strength to strength and we are currently getting around 150,000 hits in a good month.”

So, if you have the time and want a good read check out the following link.

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