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“Paul did an excellent piece of work in translating my business’s website into German. The service was good value, had a speedy turnaround and at all times Paul’s translation was thoughtful and intelligent, suggesting improvements not only to the German version but also to the original English. Many thanks! I would definitely recommend Paul / A1 Language Services for any translation work.”
Catherine Potter, Joint Proprietor, Bambú Holiday Resort, Benamocarra (Málaga), December 2009

A day at the fair PDF
Friday, 05 December 2008 21:34

Feria de Ronda

Little did I know when I set off for a week’s holiday in southern Spain that it would change my life. The first week in September is the annual feria in Ronda in Andalucía. This beautiful Moorish town, dubbed the City of Dreams by the German poet Rilke, is the home of modern bullfighting. Back in the 18th century Pedro Romero, a native of Ronda, was the first to ‘fight’ the bull on foot, and the feria is the annual festival to celebrate this fact. It was September 2008 and I was heading there to relax after a busy summer renovating a friend’s house in Luxembourg.

I know Ronda well and had arranged before I went to meet up with an English pal of mine who lives there with his Mercedes (no, not a car, but his gorgeous Spanish lady). We duly met and Michael suggested I join him and a bunch of other ex-pats at the fairground on the Friday night. I wasn’t particularly keen but went anyway. And this was the day that was to change my life completely.

When we arrived at the fairground two evenings later I was introduced to a group of about 12 guiris (see What is a guiri?) who live in the area. I knew a handful already. They were all English bar one German lady. Well, I was quite smitten by Rita and chatted to her at some length - fortunately I’m a fluent German speaker - and ended up inviting myself for coffee at her house in Montejaque, one of the pretty pueblos blancos, white mountain villages, outside Ronda. Three days later I indeed went for afternoon coffee with Rita and her sister, who was visiting from Germany, was invited to stay for dinner that evening and the rest is history.

I returned to England the following day but could not get the lovely Rita (Meter Maid) out of my mind. We kept in touch by email and then I decided after two weeks that I must go back to Ronda to try and develop matters further. It worked – our relationship has progressed very quickly. She has visited me twice in England and we just get on so well. We love each other to bits and at the end of this year I am packing my bags and emigrating to Spain to my ‘City of Dreams’ to be with the girl of my dreams!

© Paul Whitelock, 2008


Paul Whitelock

Paul is a Joint Honours graduate in Spanish and German, a qualified teacher (PGCE) and has a Member of the Institute of Linguists (MIL) qualification.

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