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"A fantastic holiday in Piso Blanco – the Barrio San Francisco, balcony and pool heightened our enjoyment of Ronda.  Was happiest watching the sunset from this balcony over the mountains."
Jamie Pearson
Brussels, Belgium

Over-zealous cops? PDF
Wednesday, 11 January 2012 15:00

Ronda police are behaving in an over-zealous manner when it comes to levying fines for parking and traffic offences. So it has been alleged.

According to an article in yesterday's Málaga Hoy newspaper, Ronda Town Council has called for an investigation into the allegations. It appears that an instruction to the policía local emanated from the office of the Mayor, Mari Paz Fernández, in order to raise revenues.

A spokesman for the council has denied this but has promised to investigate whether the number of offences registered and fines issued significantly exceeds the average for this time of year.

Having personally received two parking fines in as many months, I would say the police have definitely become less “flexible” than they used to be!

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