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Padlocks of Love PDF
Saturday, 14 January 2012 14:00

The latest trend for young lovers is causing a stir in Ronda. The famous Puente Nuevo bridge that links the old part of town with the new has acquired a number of unsolicited padlocks.



Apparently couples are attaching padlocks to the railings of the bridge to mark their love for each other. Known as love padlocks or love locks – candados del amor in Spanish – it all started in Ronda about a year ago and since then hundreds have been attached.

According to the authorities the padlocks are proving to be a nightmare for council workers in charge of bridge maintenance. Ronda Town council has a policy of periodic removal, so that the situation doesn't get out of hand.

Opinion is divided among the local population: some think it's a disgrace, while others are more relaxed and see it as funny and in keeping with Ronda's romantic image as the Ciudad Sonada, City of Dreams, as it was named by the poet Rilke a century ago.

The tradition of love locks originally began in Italy, in Rome and Florence, and has since spread to other towns and cities throughout the world, such as Paris, Cologne and Toronto.

Recently some thirty padlocks were seen attached to the railings of Ronda's famous bridge.

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