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“I first contacted Paul because we needed an interpreter to help resolve an issue at Sevillana, the electricity company. He was very efficient and effective and the problem was quickly solved. I have since used Paul in other official settings, including my bank, Unicaja, the Provincial Payments Office and the Administrator of our Community of Owners. Excellent value for money.”
Bill Douthwaite, Ronda, September 2009

Bar talk! PDF
Friday, 08 January 2010 00:00

Bar Talk!

Hey! If you like going for a drink and chatting with the landlord or bar person, a word of warning! If you ask too many questions, or are too inquisitive, you might be told to stop being nosey!


If you engage in too much barside banter, you might be threatened with a lifetime ban!

Not typical behaviour in any bar in any country I’ve ever drunk in up to now, but it happened to me only the other day! It could happen to you too! Better just stick to talking about the weather – it’s probably safer. You have been warned!


Paul Whitelock

Paul is a Joint Honours graduate in Spanish and German, a qualified teacher (PGCE) and has a Member of the Institute of Linguists (MIL) qualification.

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