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Client Testimonials

"A welcome haven for us weary travellers.  A place to charge the batteries and enjoy the beauty of Ronda.  The apartment is a home away from home.  Your books, CDs and DVDs were very welcome!  This area to us is the real Spain."
Tricia & Eric Baker
Lower Hutt, New Zealand

What The Papers Say...
To Boldly Throw Where No Man Has Thrown Before PDF

By Liam Kellehar

alt  Olive Country Life magazine, December 2009



It being our wedding anniversary, La Señora and I found ourselves in Barcelona. Our romantic weekend was temporarily postponed when we were kidnapped at the airport by our Catalán friends. We were spirited away and force-dined at a Basque restaurant opposite Estación França.

Q & A on Spanish Estates PDF

By Rob Westwater

alt  Olive Country Life magazine, December 2009



Question 1:
Is it necessary for clients who own property in Spain to have a separate Spanish Will?


Question 2:
What is the position in respect of inheritance tax in Spain for UK residents who own property there?

Licensed to Build PDF

By Liam Kellehar

alt  Olive Country Life magazine, November 2009



Like many, I have been impressed by the Daniel Craig characterisation of James Bond. The result seems more basic with fewer gimmicks. But less well known, since the scene is edited out of every film, is that when relaxing (in between killing people), Mr Bond will place his feet upon a desk, retrieve an issue of Olive Country Life from where he stashed it, protected from the routine of his daily life and proceed to read one of my articles.

The Dangers of Being an Architect PDF

By Liam Kellehar

alt  Olive Country Life magazine, August 2009




I have never seen the point of extreme sports and although building sites are dangerous, the architect’s natural aversion to heavy machinery means that we come low on the work related accident statistics.

Did The Earth Move For You? PDF

By Liam Kellehar

alt  Olive Country Life magazine, July 2009



It is common to assume that traditional building construction adequately responds to the structural necessities of the local habitat and that foundation design is no different. Surely, you just dig a hole, chuck in some rocks, perhaps throw some concrete over them and you have a satisfactory foundation. Not so as described in “South from Granada” by Gerald Brennan.