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Client Testimonials

"Paul’s extensive knowledge of Spanish has been an invaluable asset to me recently. When my husband passed away suddenly, Paul made himself available at all times to guide me through the difficult process of Spanish protocol. I could not have wished for a more helpful and sensitive friend during this tragic time.”
Jill La Pêche, Montejaque, January 2010

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Exclusive Interview

Not all migration has been from Montejaque to Knittlingen.  A1 Solutions talked to Rita Köhler, who moved in the opposite direction, swapping life in southern Germany for rural Andalucía.

Köhler, 59, a former nurse, has three children and two grandchildren back in Germany and now lives in a renovated townhouse in the old Arab part of Montejaque.


A1:  What brought you to Montejaque in the first place?

RK:  I was living and working in a clinic in Knittlingen where several of my co-workers and a number of patients originated from Montejaque, either first generation Gastarbeiter or their offspring who had been born in Germany.  They talked lovingly of their home pueblo, so in the autumn of 2003 my husband and I decided to take a holiday in the area.

A1:  What happened next?

RK:  We fell in love with Montejaque straightaway.  On the first day we looked at several houses that were for sale and on the second day we bought the house where I now live!

A1:  Gosh!  Wasn’t that a bit rash?

RK:  Probably, yes, it was very spontaneous and potentially quite risky, but it hasn’t been a problem.  We had a reliable estate agent-cum-building contractor who renovated the house to our tastes and we were able to take possession early in 2005.

A1:  What made you decide to move to Spain permanently?

RK:  I enjoy the relaxed way of life, I like the friendly people – in fact I know quite a few Spanish locals who had been in Knittlingen - and of course, the weather is fantastic. 

A1:  When did you move here finally?

RK:  In 2007.  My marriage came to an end around that time, so I made a clean break and came.  I am now officially residente and empadronada.

A1:  Will you ever go back to live in Germany?

RK:  No.

Interview conducted by Paul Whitelock

Postscript:  In June 2010 a formal partnership agreement between Knittlingen, Montejaque and Benaoján was signed by all three current mayors at a ceremony in Knittlingen.


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