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"Paul’s extensive knowledge of Spanish has been an invaluable asset to me recently. When my husband passed away suddenly, Paul made himself available at all times to guide me through the difficult process of Spanish protocol. I could not have wished for a more helpful and sensitive friend during this tragic time.”
Jill La Pêche, Montejaque, January 2010

Wir sprechen Deutsch - English version PDF

By Jonathan Bänsch

"Wir sprechen Deutsch" is the sign often seen in shop windows and bars on the Costa del Sol alongside "English spoken" and "On parle français".  Often, though, it means that very little of the foreign language is spoken at all.  Here’s an interesting story, on the other hand.

Mr brother Johannes and I were on holiday in Montejaque for Christmas 2008.  When we went out for a few drinks in the village, we were astonished to end up in a bar in the village square where everyone present could speak German!

As we arrived with an English friend, talking in German, much to our surprise the landlady greeted us in fluent German.  Anita, born and brought up in Knittlingen as the daughter of emigrants from Montejaque, had met her husband, Antonio, also of Montejaque stock, in the Swabian town.  They married and had two sons before eventually returning “home” to run the Bar Rincón in the village square.  Antonio worked in a factory in Knittlingen, so spoke factory German, while their sons are, of course, bi-lingual, having been born and educated there.

Suddenly, up piped a little old lady who had overheard us:  “Ich sprechen Deutsch.  Ich Putzfrau Knittlingen. Mein Sohn sprechen Deutsch auch.  Er kommen jetzt. Er arbeiten an der Küste. Er sprechen gut Deutsch.” This lady, María, had been a cleaner in Knittlingen for many years.  Her German wasn’t very good, bless her, but at least she could communicate.  Her son, who was due to arrive shortly from his job on a German-owned golf course near San Pedro de Alcántara on the coast, also spoke German, she told us.

With that, in breezed Juan, and we quickly struck up a conversation in German.  Unlike his mother his German was perfect – in fact, we were told later, that it’s better than his Spanish.  Well, he was born, brought up and educated there, so that’s understandable.

As the evening wore on our conversation became more fluid as the beer flowed, but I will always remember the night I went to a tiny bar in a tiny village in the mountains of southern Spain and everybody present was speaking German.  Fascinating!

Jonathan Bänsch, a Law student who lives in Berlin, went to school in Knittlingen.  He is a frequent visitor to Montejaque, where his mother owns a house.

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Postscript:  In June 2010 a formal partnership agreement between Knittlingen, Montejaque and Benaoján was signed by all three current mayors at a ceremony in Knittlingen.


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