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„Nachdem wir Dein schnuckeliges Häuschen Casarita schon kennengelernt haben, kommen wir wieder mit der geballten Kraft des Drechsler Clans im Mai 09 angeflogen! Freuen uns darauf!"
Birgid und Uwe Göhmann, Hamburg

A1 SpanishLife: Health

Information, guidance and articles of interest from the press and the web about health issues.

Health and well-being

Doctors, hospitals, health cover, EHICs, medical emergencies, hygiene, alternative medicine



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Important News about European Health Cards (EHICs) 

Insurance spat

Ruptured Achilles!



Stand and Deliver? - Or Sit? Die Pinkelregel


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0 #1 09-03-2011 11:06
My partner and I are hoping to move to Spain in 3 months. I am drawing my state pension, he is 56. I know I am entitled to free health care. He was self employed in the UK but will probably not need to work in Spain. He is prepared to continue paying his ni in the UK. As a non-married couple, can he have free health cover as part of my cover?

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