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“I first contacted Paul because we needed an interpreter to help resolve an issue at Sevillana, the electricity company. He was very efficient and effective and the problem was quickly solved. I have since used Paul in other official settings, including my bank, Unicaja, the Provincial Payments Office and the Administrator of our Community of Owners. Excellent value for money.”
Bill Douthwaite, Ronda, September 2009

A1 SpanishLife: Dealing with death

Information, guidance and articles of interest from the press and the web


Dealing with death

Guidance on what to do, who to contact, funerals, repatriation


Please click on the links below:


Inheritance Tax scrapped

What to do when someone dies

In Memoriam - William La Pêche

Sudden death

Locals come up trumps after death of British man

Two weddings and a funeral ...


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