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Jueves 09 de Febrero de 2012 15:30

..... La Cañada.




The Hausfrau had her purse stolen from her handbag in La Cañada shopping centre in Marbella last Friday. Apart from the shock and the loss of some cash and bank cards, the most annoying thing was the loss of her driving license and German ID card, both of which are troublesome and costly to replace.

However, we got a call today, to say that the purse has turned up - minus the cash, of course - but otherwise intact.

Every cloud has a silver lining! or, as they say in Spanish, No hay mal que por bien no venga.

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0 #2 03-04-2012 17:03
Sorry to hear about your loss - it happens all too often, I'm afraid. With luck, your handbag will be found in the next few days and you might get your documents back, which would be a blessing. That happened to my wife, fortunately, so we didn't have the expense and hassle of applying for a new passport, driving licence, etc. She just lost her cash and bank cards.
Here in Ronda, a friend realised he'd dropped his wallet near the hospital, went back and it was gone. However, he got it back a few days later, minus the valuable items of course.
On the other hand, there are honest people around. A few months back I dropped my wallet outside the paper shop, went back to look but it had gone. By the time I got to the police station to report the loss, it had been handed in - completely intact!
0 #1 03-04-2012 17:01
Yesterday I had my handbag stolen from my car whilst being distracted by someone 'asking me for directions' in La Canada car park. Our passports and a lot of documentation were in the handbag along with my purse with credit cards, iphone, another mobile phone but, thankfully, not much cash. The Police were called and we went to the nearby National Police station and made a statement. They told us in all another five people had their bags taken yesterday afternoon in La Canada car park. I am very shocked and upset about all this but more than anything I would like to warn people of this very nasty scam. The Police told us they target foreign women on their own. My husband was with me but at the time of the robbery he had popped into Leroy Merlin for something. I do hope other people read this and are warned to be very careful. I'm going to get in touch with some of the English newspapers as well. Sorry if this is a bit garbled but I still feel incredibly upset and vulnerable.

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