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Client Testimonials

"Thanks for all your help interpreting for me at Ronda hospital. Although some of the consultants do speak excellent English they are obviously much happier conversing in their mother tongue. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others."
Karl Smallman, Jimera de Libar, December 2009

Battle of Gibraltar PDF
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 00:00

altI’d never wanted to visit Gibraltar, even though I live a mere one-and-a-half hours away. 

The British colony off the southern tip of Spain, ceded to Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, along with Menorca incidentally, had never held any attraction for me.  Even though it has a Morrison’s store, my favourite UK supermarket chain!

From what I’d been told, the Rock was drab, dirty, ugly and overcrowded!

The other week I went, to take a young visitor who wanted to check it out. And it didn’t disappoint one bit – in fact it was worse, for it was very drab, extremely dirty, more than ugly and suffocatingly overcrowded! We had to fight our way through the narrow streets and battle for two hours to get back into Spain!

It will be my first and last visit.